Sex Male
Breed Staffy cross
Age 4 years old
Rescue date 22/12/2020
Rescued from Ashburton District Council Shelter
Size category medium
Energy level medium
Play drive moderate
Dog friendly? OK with males & females
Cat friendly? no
Crate trained? yes
Toilet trained? yes

More about Buddy

Meet Buddy, a charming 4 year old Staffy cross, rescued from the Ashburton District Council Shelter.

Buddy exudes joy and intelligence, adoring human companionship and craving affection. While initially cautious around new faces (he takes several meets and greets to become your friend), he quickly becomes the epitome of a “velcro-dog” once he feels comfortable. Before Buddy came back to live in the shelter, he spent a year in foster care with another dog and a child, Buddy is fully prepared to find his forever home. He’s mastered house and toilet training, along with crate etiquette, and thrives on cuddles. With a playful streak, he delights in tossing his toys around, though he’s still learning boundaries regarding chewing.

Ideal for a household with some daytime company, Buddy gets along well with dog-savvy children and could thrive as either a second dog or a sole companion. However, he must be in a cat-free environment due to his high prey drive. His tendency to scale 6-foot fences, often chasing possums, underscores the need for appropriate containment measures when left alone, such as a crate, indoor stay, or a secure kennel and run.
Consistency and dedication are key for Buddy’s continued growth and training. While he enjoys walks in serene settings, he requires ongoing guidance to curb his enthusiasm for chasing passing cars and bikes. Additionally, his urinary diet may entail additional expenses for his new family.
Buddy’s infectious goofiness promises endless laughter for his future owner. If you’re ready to provide the commitment and love he deserves, please consider filling out an adoption application: https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmservice…


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