Sex Male
Breed Staffy cross
Age 1 year old
Rescue date 22/12/2020
Rescued from Ashburton Pound

More about Buddy

Buddy is a handsome 1.5-year-old Staffy cross rescued from Ashburton District Council Shelter.

Buddy is a joyful, bright, boy who loves human company and craves affection and attention. He can be a little wary of people at first, particularly men, however once he warms up, he is known to be the “velcro-dog”!

Buddy has been in foster care with a second dog and a child for the past 11-months, so he is well & truly ready to find himself a forever home. He is house/toilet trained, crate trained, and loves a good cuddle. Often, he amuses himself by throwing his toys around the house, although being a young adolescent male, he is still learning not to chew things that aren’t his! He enjoys stimulating food toys such as treat balls and kongs.

Buddy would do well in a home that has daytime company. He would do okay with dog-savvy children, and although we believe he would do best as a second dog, he would make a great only-dog too for someone wanting the companionship. He needs to be in a cat-free home, as he has a high prey drive. He can jump 6-foot fences, so he requires suitable containment options for when he must be home-alone for short periods. This can be as simple as a crate, staying inside, or a covered kennel & run.

Buddy requires a consistent environment, with owners dedicated to helping him become the best dog he can be. He will need ongoing training around road-walks as he currently finds it fun to lunge and passing cars and bikes. He is on a urinary diet currently, and although we are unsure at this stage whether it will need to be a long-term thing; his new owners need to be prepared for the potential added food cost.

Buddy is a loving, goofball who will forever be making his new owner laugh. If you think you can be the committed owner Buddy needs and you have lots of love to give, please fill out an adoption application.

Last updated: 21/11/2021

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