Mystery Dog

Sex Male
Breed Bullmastiff Cross
Age 1 year old
Size category large

More about Mystery Dog

We have a super special dog up for adoption, unfortunately we cannot share his name or photos on social media however, if you are up for a “blind date” to find your perfect match, here is your chance!

“Mystery dog” is a cool combination of affection and goofiness – a lovely, energetic boy who loves people and has oodles of potential.  We suspect he may have been roughly handled in the past as he can be a bit fearful.  His new owner will need to be loving, patient and willing to go slow with training using force and fear free methods only.

He is a young boy and hasn’t had the best start to life, so is looking for a family with lots of patience and commitment to ongoing training to share his next adventure with. He absolutely loves other dogs, so much that when he is on lead his brute strength can knock you off your feet, so you MUST be steady on your feet and have a strong physique to hold him in case he loses his focus. Ongoing training in the ability to disengage and listen to cues in the presence of other dogs will see him flourish.  He has not been tested with cats, but has shown keen interest in wild cats he has come across so we would recommend a cat free home.

He is a very strong boy and needs an owner capable of handling his strength. A calm, quiet home would be beneficial for his elevation levels and he will require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. At this stage we believe he is best suited to an adult only home. His tendency to be mouthy when over excited, strength and energy level are not suited to children, however he is suited to living with a second dog.

You want pics? Sorry we can’t help you there, you will just have to trust us that he is cute as unfortunately we cannot share these on social media due to privacy concerns, however if you’re interested in being considered for this blind date please complete our online application form

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