About us

Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust is a registered charity established in 1982. We rescue, care for and rehome dogs that have been abandoned at pounds throughout Canterbury, or surrendered from private situations. 

Dogwatch receives no government or council funding. We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters and on our own fundraising activities. We also depend on a dedicated group of around 80 volunteers who help care for our dogs, clean and maintain our facilities, match dogs to adopters and raise funds.

Girl being licked by tan and white puppy

Dogwatch operates from a five acre, purpose-built adoption centre in Bromley. Our facilities include two kennel blocks, large outdoor yards, two exercise paddocks and an office/customer area. We also have a secondhand variety store in New Brighton which provides a substantial part of our income.

The dogs we rescue are mostly mixed breed and range from puppies to seniors. New dogs are arriving all the time and we also help dog owners who, for one reason or another, are struggling to give their dog the level of care it needs. In these situations we can provide food, bedding, crates and advice.

When we first started, Dogwatch was solely made up of a network of willing fosterers who were keen to get dogs out of the pound and into a safe environment. Even though we have our own kennel facilities these days, we still rely on many loving foster families to care for and nurture dogs with special medical or behavioural needs.

We’ve been rescuing dogs in Canterbury for over 35 years and we’ll continue to do this work tirelessly for as long as dogs are in need. By supporting us in any way you can, we can improve dogs’ lives together.

Our vision

Leading New Zealand in canine rescue and rehoming

Our purpose

Improving lives through rescuing and rehoming dogs

  • We improve the lives of the dogs we deal with and the families that adopt them
  • We improve the lives of people who surrender their dogs
  • We improve the lives of people in our community through outreach and education
  • We improve the lives of our people by fulfilling their sense of purpose and providing opportunities for personal growth

Our values

We are compassionate

  • We don’t judge the dogs we encounter or their owners
  • We are kind in our dealings with dogs and people
  • We respect and support each other, our dog owners and our community

We act with integrity

  • We communicate openly and honestly
  • We operate a high trust model and place the best interests of the dog first
  • We ensure that every dog gets the home that best suits it and that owners are set up for success

We are generous

  • We value the selflessness of those who have gone before us and our current volunteers and staff who work tirelessly to improve the lives of dogs and owners
  • We are grateful for our supporters whose donations allow our charity to operate
  • We are generous in the support we provide to those who need our help

We inspire others

  • We strive to inspire others to follow a fear-free, science-based modern canine behaviour approach
  • We seek to grow our people and harness innovation
  • We value continual learning and education