Sex Male
Breed Border Collie x
Age 2 years old
Rescue date 15/06/2023
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Size category large
Weight 27kg
OK for first time owner? no

More about Jasper

Meet Jasper, our dashing 2-year-old Border Collie cross, who first arrived in our care from the Christchurch City Council Shelter in June, was subsequently adopted, and later returned to us in September.

Jasper is an incredibly sweet dog who adores snuggling up close to his humans. However, he can also exhibit signs of anxiety, making him best suited for an experienced household. Jasper requires a home where he can progress at his own pace, with owners who are attuned to his body language to recognize when he’s feeling unsure or anxious. Our behavior team will work closely with you to develop a safety management plan tailored to Jasper’s needs, ensuring a smooth transition into his new environment. He would thrive in an adult-only household or one with dog-savvy older teenagers (15+).

Despite his anxieties, Jasper has excellent training skills and a keen willingness to learn. He walks beautifully on the lead and is impeccably tidy in his kennel. Jasper’s love for squeaky toys knows no bounds, and you’ll often find him happily squeaking away in his yard.

While Jasper has socialized well with some female dogs at the shelter and enjoys playful romps in the yard with them, he may require careful introductions to other dogs and has shown hesitancy around male dogs. With proper introductions and management, Jasper could potentially live harmoniously with a cat, but slow introductions and diligent supervision are key.

If you’re ready to welcome Jasper into your home and provide him with the patience, understanding, and love he deserves, please complete an application form here: https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmservice?account=dogwatch1928&method=online_form_html&formid=36

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