Sex Female
Breed Staffy/Collie cross
Age 2 years old
Rescue date 31/05/2021
Rescued from Christchurch City Pound
Size category medium
Weight 24.7kg

More about Latte


Latte is a 2.5-year-old, female, staffy-cross who arrived at Dogwatch earlier in the year. It was immediately clear she loved people but was uncomfortable around other dogs, so her constant proximity to them in the shelter led to stress induced elevation and overarousal. This coupled with her lack of basic training and no human bond was a recipe for disaster prompting immediate and thorough intervention involving, veterinary prescribed medication, and an intensive training and behaviour modification plan.

Latte’s transformation has been truly amazing. Her ability to self-regulate her arousal levels, listen to her handler, follow their direction and cues, and check in with ‘her person’ when she is in doubt of what to do, has been fantastic. Although ongoing training and behaviour modification is still required, she has come along in leaps and bounds, and we believe Latte is now ready for adoption (with mandatory support from Dogwatch).

We would like to find a home where Latte can relax and settle, continue to learn new life skills and coping mechanisms, and become the wonderful dog we know she is.

Latte will require:

  • a quiet adult-only home
  • no other dogs or pets
  • secure containment and/or supervision when outside– as she can jump and climb fences.
  • daytime company
  • an adopter committed to working with Dogwatch and prepared to assist us with her current behavioural plan. This includes environmental modification, regular training sessions with Latte and keeping a log.

Dogwatch will support you with:

  • a written plan
  • regular home visits
  • phone and email check-ins
  • food, bedding, toys, harness and lead
  • any medical attention if required

If you think you can help us to continue to help Latte, please complete our adoption application: Adoption Form

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