Sex Male
Breed Staffy/Shar Pei Cross
Age 4 years old
Rescue date 23/09/2021
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Energy level medium
Play drive moderate
Cat friendly? no

More about Stanley

Meet Stanley, a charming four-year-old Staffy cross, rescued from the Christchurch City Council Shelter. Stanley is a sweet-natured boy who adores people, but found shelter life challenging, leading to his transition to a loving foster home where he’s treated like royalty. During his time in foster care, Stanley has shown significant improvements, mastering leash manners, welcoming visitors calmly, and overall, becoming an excellent canine companion for any home. He revels in the simple joys of sleeping in and spending leisurely days lounging on the couch.

Stanley’s quirky personality never fails to bring smiles to those around him. He possesses a remarkable talent for sniffing out anything pungent during walks, delighting in rolling around in the scent. However, he’s also hyper-aware of his surroundings, which can make noisy or bustling environments stressful for him. Stanley thrives in a consistent environment where he can progress at his own pace, with owners who understand his need to build confidence around unfamiliar stimuli. While he would benefit from daytime company due to his anxious nature, he can coexist peacefully with dog-savvy children.

Due to his stress around other dogs, Stanley requires a dog-free home and should wear a muzzle while in public. However, he has shown progress around small animals and now enjoys supervised time with chickens in his foster home. Adequate containment is recommended, as Stanley has displayed impressive jumping abilities in the past, though he hasn’t attempted this in his foster home where he feels secure.

Stanley’s ideal home is one of tranquility, with minimal outside disturbances, where he can bask in affection to his heart’s content. If you’re ready to provide Stanley with the loving and understanding home he deserves, he’s eagerly awaiting to become your loyal companion.

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Last updated: March 2024


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