Cindy Lou

Sex Female
Breed Mixed Breed
Age 6 months old
Rescue date 05/01/2024
Rescued from Private Surrender
Size category medium
Cat friendly? trainable
Crate trained? yes
Toilet trained? yes

More about Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou has recently been returned to our care due to no fault of her own and we are now looking for her forever home, one that is committed to her training and is prepared to work through the challenges that having a young dog might bring. Here’s what you need to know about Cindy Lou:

Cindy is a smart cookie who already knows a few commands like sit, wait, come, and down, although she’s still working on consistency. She’s great with her name and is always ready to respond when called. Cindy loves a good game of fetch and is always up for some fun. Comfortable around traffic and noise, Cindy takes everything in stride. A real sweetheart, Cindy is fantastic with humans, displaying friendliness and affection. She’s mostly toilet trained and sleeps through most nights like a dream. Cindy is crate trained and finds comfort in her own space. Food-driven to the core, Cindy is eager to learn and please. You won’t hear a peep out of Cindy in the car; she’s quiet as a mouse.

Cindy Lou is currently in the process of familiarizing herself with other dogs and requires continuous socialization. She has displayed an inclination to chase cats, however can live alongside cats provided there are good introductions. She is currently living in a household with a cat and having no issues. As a typical puppy, Cindy Lou enjoys chewing and barking, yet with consistent training and guidance, she has the potential to thrive and mature into a well-behaved companion.

If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl her forever home, please complete an application form here:


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