Sex Male
Breed Beardie/German Shepherd
Age 3 years old
Rescue date 12/07/2021
Rescued from Private Surrender
Rehome date 17/06/2023
Size category large
Dog friendly? needs careful introduction
Crate trained? yes

More about Ed

Meet Ed, a striking 2-year-old Beardie/Huntaway/German Shepherd cross who was rescued from a private situation along with his 7 siblings. Despite his challenging start, Ed is a true people pleaser with the sweetest nature, earning him the title of a favourite among vets. He thrives on human company and is content to bask in the sun with some companionship. Ed has been thriving in his foster home. He adjusts well during the day while his fosterers are at work, exhibiting no accidents or destructive behaviour. He eagerly engages in playtime, especially with his beloved toys, and enjoys daily walks, typically six out of seven days a week. While his fosterers often take him to a fenced area nearby for a good run, they’re also working on improving his leash manners for community walks. Ed particularly relishes full-tilt sprints and playing with larger balls such as basketballs or soccer balls

Ed has faced some health hurdles, including Elbow & Hip Dysplasia and an autoimmune disease. Thanks to surgeries and regular physiotherapy, his elbow dysplasia is now under control, and he has shown great progress in managing his autoimmune condition. While he still requires minimal steroid medication, Ed is feeling much brighter and more energetic. If you are interested in Ed, but are not sure about his medical needs and the costs associated with this, please do have a chat with one of our staff members.

Around other dogs, Ed can initially be a bit awkward and may display bursts of excitement and frustration, often accompanied by barking. Although he has made strides in this area, ongoing training and a capable owner are necessary to handle his strength. For a multi-dog household, Ed would only be considered if the owners are highly experienced and committed to following guidance provided by Dogwatch. Similarly, while Ed could potentially live with a cat, it would require slow and cautious introductions, along with diligent management.

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Ed remains the epitome of resilience and sweetness. You can complete an application form here for Ed if you are interested in adopting him: https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmservice?account=dogwatch1928&method=online_form_html&formid=36

Last updated: March 2024 


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