Sex Female
Breed Staffy x
Age 1 year old
Rescue date 08/02/2024
Rescued from Ashburton District Council Shelter
Weight 23.1kg

More about Karu


Say hello to Karu, a radiant 1-year-old Staffy Cross from the Ashburton District Council Shelter who is looking for her forever family. Karu is a sweetheart who just loves human and dog company. Although she’s a bit overzealous with her doggy greetings, favouring a face full of licks (which she needs to learn every dog isn’t going to be keen on!)

Ideal for a home with confident, dog-savvy kids, Karu will be a fun playmate and companion, provided she gets to burn off her excitement in a loving and guided manner. Adopting Karu means committing to her ongoing socialization, training, enrichment, and exercise. We are not sure what she is like with cats or other small animals.


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