Sex Male
Breed Shar Pei Cross
Age 6 years old
Rescue date 05/12/2020
Rescued from Private Surrender
Size category medium

More about Rocco

Rocco is a handsome six-year-old Staffy/Shar Pei cross who we homed in late 2019, but sadly returned to us last year due to inability to contain him.

We are looking for a very special home for our boy, as he has undoubtedly touched many hearts while he has been here, both within our team members and external visitors (he has been a star tour guide for visiting kids and groups).

Rocco is a bold man, who is that ‘socially awkward’ member of the public who rushes up to other dogs and greets them with a big hello in their face. Unfortunately, due to not all dogs receiving this well (just like not all people receiving a stranger giving them an instant hug well!!), he had two incidents where it has resulted in a dog fight – leaving Rocco classified by deed.

Being classified by deed means that Rocco must be wearing his muzzle whenever he is off private property, with no exceptions. He must also never be let off-leash and needs very particular fencing (allowing front door visitor access without the dog being able to access the front door). Failure to comply with the requirements of the law will result in Rocco being uplifted and destroyed. Luckily, Rocco is happy in his muzzle, and this does not stop him from going out and exploring the world on his community walks.

Rocco is a people-loving boy, who is happy to see and engage with everyone. He is playful and loves his tug toy. He adores attention and there is no doubt that his new owner (and any visitors he meets) will be greeted with a wiggly bum every single time. His lack of social skills with other dogs is a work in progress, and he is learning with our guidance, the correct way to greet a dog. He can now calmly trot beside the desexed male we have been mixing him with and is not overly interested in him. However, he will need to go to a home where there are no other pets.

Rocco requires a calm home, with a responsible owner who will take his classification seriously. He is good with kids, but they will need to be dog savvy when living with him full time as he can be full-on at times. He loves the comforts of home, and sleeps in the office overnight, with the heat pump on, curled up on his blanket. He is patiently waiting on his forever home.

If you think you can be the right owner for this special and loving boy, please fill in an application form.

Last updated: 25/04/22

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