Sex Female
Breed Mixed Breed
Age 2 years old
Rescued from Christchurch
Size category large
Weight 23.4kg
OK for first time owner? yes
Energy level high
Play drive moderate
Dog friendly? needs careful introduction
Cat friendly? untested
Crate trained? yes
Toilet trained? unknown

More about Ruffy

*13/07/2024 Ruffy is currently on a settling and support period with a new family*


Meet Ruffy!

Ruffy is a heart of gold wrapped in a fluffy coat, estimated to be around 2 years old beardie mixed breed and bursting with affection. This smart cookie excels in recall, leash walking, and even agility course work – talk about a superstar in the making!

While Ruffy can be a bit shy and lacks confidence at times, she’s ready to blossom with the love and support of a patient family willing to help her come out of her shell. Ruffy thrives on routine and would flourish in a calm, nurturing environment where she can build her confidence at her own pace.

Ideally, Ruffy is looking for a home that understands her need for exercise and mental stimulation, as well as the patience to help her adjust to new surroundings. A family who enjoys outdoor adventures and is committed helping Ruffy learn the ways of living in a home with a family. Ruffy could also do well in a multi dog household with the right introductions.

Ruffy hasn’t been tested with Children yet, but we’re confident she could adjust well with the right support and guidance. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who’s eager to shower you with love and grow alongside you, Ruffy could be the perfect match! Don’t miss out on the chance to meet this vibrant, loving girl. Apply today or email us at

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