Sex Female
Breed Bullterrier X
Age 1 year old
Rescue date 07/11/2023
Rescued from Ashburton District Council Shelter
Size category medium

More about Sasha

Introducing the irresistible Sasha from the Ashburton District Council Shelter. At just 18 months old, this Bull Terrier mix is the perfect blend of sass and sweetness, ready to steal your heart!
Sasha thrives on human interaction and can’t get enough of playtime with her toys. However, she’s still learning the art of calmness and can sometimes show her excitement a bit too enthusiastically, with some mouthy and jumpy greetings. When it comes to other dogs, Sasha shows¬† potential but requires careful and gradual introductions. She has successfully socialized with a male dog at our shelter, indicating her ability to form positive relationships when properly introduced, however is not currently suitable to be homed with another dog. We have yet to observe her interactions with cats. Sasha continues to improve in confidence while on walks out in the community, she will need an owner committed to providing her with positive experiences.
Given Sasha’s vibrant and sometimes overzealous energy, she would fit best in a home with older, dog-savvy children who can appreciate her vivacity while guiding her with the training and socialization she eagerly needs. We’re looking for a family that’s ready to commit to harnessing Sasha’s spirited nature positively, ensuring she becomes the amazing companion we know she can be.
If you’re ready to open your heart and home to Sasha, embarking on a rewarding journey of love, learning, and lots of fun, please fill out an application form here:…
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