Sex Male
Breed Mixed Breed
Age 3 months old
Rescued from Private Surrender
Size category large
Weight 4kg
OK for first time owner? yes
Energy level medium
Play drive moderate
Dog friendly? needs careful introduction
Cat friendly? trainable
Crate trained? yes
Toilet trained? yes

More about Tui

About Tui:

Tui is a lively 4-month-old pup who came to us through the Ashburton Dog Rescue Community. This energetic bundle of joy is always ready for fun and adventure. With his playful spirit and keen intelligence, Tui is sure to bring endless joy and laughter to his future family. Tui and Dax are brothers in foster care together!


Tui is a high-energy pup who loves nothing more than playtime and exploration. He’s a quick learner and thrives on mental stimulation. While he hasn’t been tested with children yet, his enthusiastic nature suggests he’d be a great playmate for kids who can match his energy levels. Currently in foster care, Tui is showing great potential to be a wonderful companion with the right guidance.

Ideal Home:

Tui’s zest for life makes him perfect for an active family who enjoys outdoor activities and play. Whether it’s a game of fetch in the backyard or a something active, Tui is always up for an adventure. He’ll thrive in a home where he can continue to learn and grow, surrounded by love and positive reinforcement. Tui would make a great adventure buddy!

Adoption Requirements:

  • An active and dedicated family
  • Willingness to provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation
  • Commitment to ongoing training and positive reinforcement
  • Will have no more than 5 hours max home alone

If you’re ready to welcome this adorable ball of fur and energy into your life and give him the forever home he deserves, apply to meet Tui today! Apply here

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