Sex Male
Breed Staffy x
Age 1 year old
Rescue date 18/03/2024
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Weight 16kg
OK for first time owner? yes

More about Tyson

Tyson is a delightful 1-year-old Staffy mix from the CCC Shelter who’s enjoying every moment of foster care life! Tyson is a social butterfly and loves meeting people and other dogs. He’s currently living it up with two female canine companions in his foster home.¬†Tyson’s outgoing nature and playful demeanour make him a hit with everyone he meets, and he’s happiest when he’s surrounded by the company of his furry pals.

Tyson does have Grade 2 luxating patella’s in both his back legs and it is best that he have regular physio. There is a chance he might need surgery later in life on his knees. Despite his luxating patella’s, Tyson doesn’t let anything hold him back from having a good time. While he may need to take it easy with exercise, Tyson is still eager to join you on leisurely walks and playtime in the yard, soaking up every moment of fun and adventure.

Don’t let Tyson’s medical needs hold you back from having a great family companion, he really is the sweetest boy! Please complete an application form here if you are interested in adopting him: https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmservice?account=dogwatch1928&method=online_form_html&formid=36

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