Sex Male
Breed Staffy/Collie Cross
Age 4 years old
Rescue date 13/07/2021
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Size category medium
Energy level high
Play drive high
Cat friendly? no
Crate trained? yes

More about Xavier

Preferably to be homed within Christchurch and the surrounding districts, due to the duration of time needed to spend with Xavier and our team for him to become comfortable with a new person and ongoing in-home support we believe he may require. 

Dogwatch is currently looking for a home for our special boy Xavier. A 2-year-old, male, staffy/collie mix. This could be a foster home or an extended and supported adoption process.

Xavier arrived at Dogwatch in July of last year. Over this time, he has grown in confidence and is very friendly and affectionate with people he has built trust with.

He has also learnt basic training cues and enjoys working for his meals via enrichment puzzles and foraging for treats on his walks. Although energetic, he is also happy to settle on his bed with a chew in front of the fire (as we discovered when a staff member took him home for the weekend).

Although he has come a long way, Xavier can still be wary of unfamiliar people, particularly men, and is uncomfortable in close proximity to other dogs. He also has a tendency to chase bicycles. We have put a training plan in place and modified his environmental set-up as best we can to minimise his stress levels. Xavier is gradually learning new skills and healthier ways of coping, but logistically, he cannot fully flourish in the shelter environment.

The best solution for Xavier is to find a suitable, calm home (foster or adoption). A place where he can relax and settle, continue to learn new life skills and become the wonderful dog we know he is.

Xavier will require:
✔️a quiet home, with minimal visitors- this home would preferably be adult-only, however the right home with adolescents could be considered
✔️no other dogs or pets
✔️secure containment – he has the potential to jump and/or climb fences.
✔️day-time company
✔️a family committed to working with Dogwatch and prepared to assist us in implementing a behaviour modification and training plan. This may include environmental modification, regular training sessions with Xavier, record and log keeping.
Dogwatch will support you with:
✔️a training and behaviour plan
✔️phone and email check-ins
✔️regular home visits
✔️food, bedding, toys, harness and lead
✔️vet care
If you are interested in helping Xavier and would like to offer him a life time commitment then please complete our adoption application https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmservice…
OR if you would like to offer him a temporary home and help him get ready for his forever home then please complete our foster care application https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmservice…
Last updated: 29/07/2022
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