Dogwatch kennel and yard sponsorship

Sponsorship agreement terms and conditions

Sponsorship of a kennel/yard

  • 1. Dogwatch agrees to provide exclusive sponsorship of a kennel/yard at its adoption centre to the sponsor, in exchange for a 12-month contribution of $20 a week from the sponsor.
  • 2. The adoption centre referred to is located at 230 Dyers Road, Christchurch. However, this is subject to change at any time.

Obligations of both parties

  • 3. In return for their sponsorship, Dogwatch agrees to:
    • 3.1 thank and recognise the sponsor:
      • (a) in person;
      • (b) in correspondence; and
      • (c) when appropriate, in social media and on promotional material. The sponsor can opt out of any forms of public recognition should they prefer to keep their sponsorship private.
    • 3.2 Provide access to a private, sponsors’-only Facebook page with frequent and exclusive posts, updates, photos and videos of the dogs and happenings at Dogwatch, as well as updates about any improvements we make to the kennels and yards;
    • 3.3 give the sponsor a personal, behind-the-scenes guided tour of Dogwatch’s adoption centre (number of attendees to be agreed between Dogwatch and the sponsor);
    • 3.4 give the sponsor a certificate of acknowledgement;
    • 3.5 provide the sponsor with free membership to the Friends of Dogwatch group (once established; and
    • 3.6 give the sponsor one free Dogwatch calendar for the next calendar year after commencement of the sponsorship.
  • 4. The sponsor agrees to either:
    • 4.1 pay the amount of $20 per week in weekly or fortnightly direct debit instalments into Dogwatch’s bank account; or
    • 4.2 pay the full annual sponsorship amount of $1040 in one single payment into Dogwatch’s bank account at the commencement of the sponsorship agreement between both parties.

Sponsorship commencement

  • 5. The sponsorship commences from the date of the first (or the full) payment.
  • 6. Dogwatch agrees to provide the sponsor with a tax certificate should they request one.

Groups of sponsors

  • 7. If the sponsor is a made up of a group of individuals, the sponsor agrees that:
    • 7.1 its sponsorship payment(s) will be made to Dogwatch via one member only; and
    • 7.2 Dogwatch will send its communications to one member of the group only, and that that member is responsible for sharing those communications with rest of the group, as they see fit.

Conditions of the sponsorship

  • 8. The sponsor understands that their contribution is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • 9. The sponsor agrees that if they miss a sponsorship payment and fail to make arrangements to reimburse for the amount owed, Dogwatch has the right to cease the sponsorship arrangement and to offer the allocated kennel or yard to another sponsor.
  • 10. The sponsor understands that their sponsorship does not include any form of ownership of the kennel/yard, or any right to see their sponsored kennel or yard unless arranged with Dogwatch.
  • 11. The sponsor understands that their weekly donation contributes nominally to the costs of their sponsored kennel or yard. The sponsor therefore understands and agrees that Dogwatch can use the sponsor’s contribution however it sees fit for the effective operation of the adoption centre and to care for the dogs in its care.
  • 12. At the end of the initial 12 month period, Dogwatch agrees to give the sponsor the first right to renew this agreement for a further 12 months.

Download this document [PDF, 33kb].