Sex Female
Breed Heading Dog
Age 5 years old
Rescue date 14/03/2024
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Rehome date 16/04/2024
Size category medium
Energy level high
Dog friendly? OK with males & females
Cat friendly? trainable

More about Bella

Meet Bella, the charming 5-year-old Heading dog from the Christchurch City Council Shelter. Bella is a social butterfly, adored by both people and dogs alike, and she’s happiest when she’s out stretching her legs on a good run.

This energetic girl thrives on the thrill of a sprint and will eagerly accompany you on your daily jogs or playtime in the park. With great training under her belt, Bella is well-mannered and responsive, making her a great companion for an active home. She is cat trainable with proper introductions and good management with the cat.

Please note that while Bella is 5 years old, she is still very active and is like a 2 year old dog. She was given up by an older couple for being too energetic which means that she does need an active home.

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