Sex Male
Breed Rottweiler cross
Age 7 years old
Rescue date 27/07/2020
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Rehome date 24/09/2022
Size category large
Energy level medium
Dog friendly? OK with males & females
Cat friendly? trainable
Toilet trained? yes

More about Boss

Update 24/9 – Boss is now on trial adoption with a family. 

Preferably to be homed within Christchurch and the surrounding districts due to the ongoing in-home support we believe he will require and so his adoptees are close enough to spend lots of time at the shelter getting to know Boss. 

Boss is a stunning 5-year-old Rottweiler cross rescued from the Christchurch City Council Shelter.

He is a big strong boy with a heart of gold, huge character and good manners once he gains your trust which can take time and patience. Once he trusts you, he sometimes forgets that, at 35kg +, he’s not a lap dog and likes to sit on your lap for cuddles.

Although he enjoys human company, he can be anxious and reactive in certain situations such as when meeting new people or if he perceives his key resources to be under threat. This can include locations/space, objects (such as toys or items that he values) and food bowls.   Because of these behaviours, Boss will require highly committed owners, that are prepared to go at his pace and implement and adhere to an extended homing plan under the direction of our dog trainer and Dogwatch staff.

Boss has a medium energy level and loves going for a run out in the back paddock but he is quite anxious around traffic and the movements out on the road.  We are working on building his confidence around road walks but would like to see him in a home that is not on a main road (quiet with minimal traffic), and where the route to the closest park is simple and not busy.  However, he does enjoy road trips and travels well in the car.  Boss must be homed to someone who owns their own home; we will not be homing him to someone who is renting.

So far we have successfully mixed Boss with two females dogs and a male puppy. He has adapted his playstyle each time to suit the other dog but can be boisterous and rough.  We believe Boss is cat TRAINABLE but this is going to need persistent and ongoing monitoring. It will be a process that will take time.

Boss requires an adult-only home. Because he is wary around loud noises such as lawn mowers and traffic we would like to see him in a calm, quiet home where he is able to desensitize at his own pace and continue to build his confidence.

Boss has huge potential to be an awesome companion and family member but it will require work and commitment. He is going to need plenty of time to acclimatize to his new surroundings and we will be going through an extended adoption process with him, including day-visits, overnight stays, and whatever else is necessary to help him settle in to his new home.

If you think you can give this big, beautiful hunk-of-a-dog the safe, loving home that he deserves and would like to be considered to adopt him please fill in and submit this online  Application Form

Last updated: 29/07/2022

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