Sex Female
Breed Staffy x
Age 4 months old
Rescue date 28/02/2024
Rescued from Ashburton District Council Shelter

More about Bounce

Introducing Bounce, a 13-week-old female Staffy mix (possibly whippet) with energy to spare and love to give! This little dynamo lives up to her name with boundless enthusiasm and a zest for life. Bounce is currently in foster care, learning all the important life skills – toilet training, sleeping in the crate, playing and socialisation.

To ensure she grows into a well-mannered adult, Bounce needs an owner committed to ongoing training and socialisation. Bounce would fit best with a family or individual who loves to be on the move and can provide her with the stimulation and exercise she needs. While she’s great with children, due to her bouncy nature, supervision with very young kids is advised to ensure playtime is safe and enjoyable for everyone. She will need some daytime company while she is still a young puppy (maximum 4 hours home alone).

If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl her forever home, please complete an application form here:

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