Sex Female
Breed Huntaway/Heading dog cross
Age 4 years old
Rescue date 29/05/2020
Rescued from Private Situation
Rehome date 05/07/2020

More about Ivy

Rescued from a private situation 29/05/20

We rescued Ivy, her mum and 10 siblings (yup! 11 in total!) when she was four weeks old.

Mum is a heading dog and Dad is one (or several) of the working dogs on the farm we rescued them from.   She is an awesome wee pup full of puppy-playfulness and curiosity.  As both Mum and Dad are working dogs, it’s safe to say she will not grow up to be couch a potato.  She will make a wonderful addition to the right family (urban or rural) but will be a smart, active dog who will love having a job to do and require plenty of mental stimulation and exercise.

We are looking for a loving owner who is very committed to giving her the time, training and socialisation that all puppies need. We will not place her in a home where she is left alone for more than 4 hours a day as she requires regular feeding, daytime company and sensible exposure to all of the wonders of the outside world.

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