Sex Female
Breed Staffy cross
Age 0 month old
Rehome date 28/08/2019

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**UPDATE** Jet is on trial with a new family

Rescued from the Ashburton Pound 11/04/19

Our gorgeous Jet is still waiting for someone to realise what a fantastic boy he is.  When he was rescued from the Ashburton Pound back in April we were told that although he grew up with a family earlier on in his life, he had been totally isolated in an overgrown back yard for at least two years prior to coming into our care.

When he arrived at the kennels he did not know how to socialise with other dogs, interactions were stressful and scary which made him exhibit reactive behaviour.  He has been slowly improving ever since his arrival, his stress levels are dropping and the likelihood of mixing him successfully are increasing.  He is yet to be off-lead with another dog but will now walk comfortably side-by-side and interact successfully with other dogs when on-lead which is fantastic progress and means he will be fine when being walked on-lead out in the community.

Jet is a sweet, energetic boy who loves one-on-one attention and human company especially if it comes with cuddles.  He may be best suited as an only dog but will make someone a fantastic companion and best friend.

7 years old


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