Sex Female
Breed Staffy Cross
Age 4 years old
Rescue date 19/07/2020
Rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter
Rehome date 23/09/2021
Size category medium

More about Merrit

Merrit is a gorgeous 2-year-old Staffy cross rescued from Christchurch City Council Shelter.

Merrit is a bright girl with a cheeky personality, she is sweet and affectionate, though lacks a lot of confidence and can find sudden movements or new situations and places very scary.  Once she is comfortable with you, she is a completely different dog; bounding around trying to initiate play, then settling down afterwards for a big cuddle.

We decided to call this girl Merrit, meaning ‘the lucky one’. She had been hanging around the red zone and people had been unable to catch her until AMO used the snappy snare. She was very scared and did not come out of her kennel for two days. However, she has settled in well with us and we are now looking for her new home, who will then become ‘the lucky ones’ to have her!

Merrit needs a quiet home, with owners who can help her with her confidence. Once she is comfortable, she can be a bit mouthy and puppy-like, but it is important to still go at a slow pace, positively reinforcing the right behaviours and continuously building on her trust. We would recommend dog savvy, calm children who understand canine body language. We believe she is cat-trainable with management. A second dog would be okay too.

So far, Merrit has met a 1y/o and a 6y/o male here at the shelter. She was playful and enjoyed interacting. She reads other dogs signals well.

If you think you could offer Merrit a loving, quiet home then please fill in our adoption application.


Last updated: 5/8/21

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