Sex Female
Breed Heading dog cross
Age 0 month old
Rehome date 18/04/2020

More about Storm

**UPDATE** Storm is on trial with a new family

Rescued from a private situation 07/07/19

Storm is a sweetheart who can be a bit unsure when meeting new people but gains confidence with patience and sensible handling.  She is playful (loves her toys) and quick to learn and has most of the basic commands under her belt including “on your mat” but needs some more work on lead-walking in public places.

She is house trained, crate trained and travels well in the car.   She has been good with all of the dogs we have introduced her to so far but needs a cat free home.

Storm needs a patient, loving owner who will take their time with her and be vigilant to the signals she will give when she is out of her comfort zone. We would very strongly recommend her new owner helps her to continue to progress and blossom with the help of a professional trainer or behaviourist.



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