Sex Female
Breed Greyhound cross
Age 5 years old
Rescue date 24/02/2021
Rescued from Ashburton Pound
Rehome date 19/05/2021

More about Tess

**UPDATE** Applications are currently closed for Tess as she is on trial in a new home

Tess is a very sweet girl who was timid and wary of new people when she arrived but is gradually coming out of her shell and starting to show us her playful side. Once she gets to know you, she is very affectionate and loves pats and cuddles.

She has a medium to high energy level and can be jumpy when excited but settles very quickly with calm affection. Tess walks nicely on lead as she likes to stay close to you. She has excellent recall and will check in regularly with her handler when off lead in our fully contained exercise areas.

Initial mixing with Tess indicated she finds other dogs overwhelming however we have spent some time working with her on this and most recently she mixed well with one of our big social boys. She was given time to decompress, check him out from a distance and then slowly build up trust with him.  Her new owner will need to continue to help her feel confident in situations with unknown dogs with sensible introductions that do not put her under too much pressure.

Tess needs a quiet, calm, home with a patient, gentle owner. Preferably adult/older children only as she is timid and easily startled around young ones. She loves human contact so we would like to see her in a home with daytime company.

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